C290NOW is your primary source of information regarding Bill C290 – An Act to Amend the Criminal Code – Sports Betting, to permit single-event sports wagering in Canada. Championed by Joe Comartin, M.P. for Windsor-Tecumseh, the bill passed third reading with all-party support and is sitting with the Senate for consideration.

The Senate needs to finalize debate on this bill and approve it before the summer recess arrives.

And that’s where this website comes in. Here you will find answers to the most-asked questions about what sports betting is, and why our current legislation isn’t doing enough to protect Canadians.

There is a lot of emotion and misinformation surrounding the debate on sports betting. Currently, single event sports wagering in Canada is estimated to be in excess of $10 billion per year, however only a small portion of that revenue ($450 million) is wagered through provincial sports lottery products. This means that Canadians are increasingly wagering through offshore sports books or turning to illegal bookmakers.

Bill C290 is our change to make things right.


Is the primary source of information regarding a proposed change to Canada’s sports betting leglislation
Has the answers to the frequently asked questions
Deals with the myths and realities about sports betting
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C290NOW has been established by the Canadian Gaming Association in accordance with its mandate – to create a better understanding of the gaming industry by bringing facts to the general public, elected officials, key decision makers and the media.